Hey there! We want you to know that more than a company we are a family and we want every person that buys our products gets to know the story behind it. Hand and heart was born in 2014 after realizing that Mexican artisans and their beautiful handwork are not known in many parts of the world.

When you buy any of our products you not only have a piece of Mexican art in your hands but also you become a fundamental part of the Hand and Heart family and with your purchase, we empower the life of the artisans and their families following the fair trade principles.
So thank you for visiting us and remember that each of our products are made by hand but come from the heart.

Mérida Yucatán México


Hola! I´m the responsible of the marketing campaign and work closely with the clients to make sure their needs and questions are solved. I´m a fan of details and work every day to make Hand and Heart a unique brand.

I could describe myself as a fun, full of energy, enthusiastic traveler and passionate about the little things in life.

My dream is to make the Hand and Heart family worldwide known.



Hey there! besides of enjoying a great cup of coffee, tea or a good wine; I'm responsible for the administrative and financial issues to ensure you have what you need as soon as possible. I want to expand the Hand & Heart family so people love it as much as we do.

I love to jump out of routine, watch a good movie, escape with my family or friends to unknown places and try new experiences.

My greatest dream is to try to do my bit for a worldwide return to assess what really matters in life, the people and what we do for the happiness and accomplishment of each one of us.